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Safer ClaphamSafer Lambeth Business Crime Reduction Partnership is an independent organisation formed with the sole intention of facilitating the reduction of crime within the business community of Lambeth. Safer Lambeth BCRP work alongside local businesses, the Metropolitan Police Service and Lambeth Council.

I joined Councillor Jane Edbrooke, Cabinet member for neighbourhoods; officers from the council; Metropolitan Police and from the partnership to visit venues to talk to them about the benefits of joining the partnership.

Cllr Jane Edbrookes talking to local business managerGenerally the response was extremely good. Some venues expressed concerns over additional costs however we were very clear about the need for them to demonstrate to local people that they were taking action against the minority of their customers who cause problems.

It is great that the Clapham business community is also supporting this initiative. As we discussed with venues on the night there needs to be a clear message that if you come to Clapham and cause problems you will not be welcomed back – any venue who bans a customer, this will be rolled out to all other members – not just in Clapham but across Lambeth.

You can find out more about this initiative on the Safer Lambeth website.


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If you have concerns regarding a local venue you can apply to the licensing authority for a review of a premises licence or a club premises certificate on a ground relating to one or more of the licensing objectives:

  • Preventing Crime & Disorder
  • Public Safety
  • Preventing Public Nuisance
  • Protecting Children from Harm

An application for the review of a premises licence or club premises certificate must be given in writing and be in the prescribed form.

Premises Review Application Form

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As part of our continued efforts to make it easier for people living in Clapham Town to meet and talk to their local councillors on Saturday 25th October the three councillors for Clapham Town held four surgeries over seven hours.

Councillor O’Malley started with the regular surgery at Clapham Leisure Centre. Councillors Haselden and Wellbelove then held the first ever surgery at the Clapham Community Project in Venn Street where we were visited by several local people with a wide variety of issues for us to help with.

Councillors then moved onto the Virgin Active gym in North Street, another first, where residents from Bobbin Close came to discuss concerns about dumped rubbish and graffiti which have now been reported and will be followed up on by councillors to ensure they are resolved.

Finally Councillor Wellbelove visited Heather Close sheltered housing where he met several residents, many who had concerns over increasing bills and ensuring that their payments were up to date.

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Councillors Nigel Haselden and Christopher Wellbelove yesterday visited the hugely popular French market which came to Clapham Town for the second time this weekend.

Venn Street, situated near to Clapham Common Tube was closed to traffic from Friday to Sunday with a wide variey of stalls following a French theme. Some of the food included delicious garlic mushrooms and freshly made bread.

Further events are planned and councillors are working with officers to ensure that the process from suspending parking bays is smoother in future.

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People wanting to give information to the Police, who are concerned about talking to them directly and want to remain anonymous , can now use a ‘Met Box’ which has been placed near the till points in Sainsburys Clapham.

The box can also be used to communicate with your local safer neighbourhood teams views on local issues that you believe the police should focus on.

This is a great initiative, even if the box does not get a great deal of use it helps raise awareness of the local safer neighbourhood teams who are doing excellent work in Clapham.

Clapham Town Safer Neighbourhood Team can be reached at ClaphamTown.snt@met.police.uk or by calling 020 8721 2825.

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Photographed and have reported today Graffiti on the corner of Clapham High Street / Venn Street and on some of the businesses along the street.

By reporting this, the graffiti will be removed by the council within 48 hours. Removing graffiti is costly. Graffiti makes an area feel run down and increases the perception that criminal activity is prominent in that area. If you have any information regarding the people behind this criminal damage please contact the Clapham Town Safer Neighbourhood team: 020 8721 2825 – 07881 516977. I have already forwarded these images to them and ask them to see if any images of the culprits were captured on CCTV in the area.

To report graffiti, please call 0207 926 9000 or email graffiti@lambeth.gov.uk. In my experience they are very quick to respond to reports and the quicker graffiti is removed the better.

Graffiti on Venn Street

Graffiti Clapham High Street

and then after the graffiti was reported and removed…

Graffiti removed from Venn Street

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