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Labour pledges to Keep Clapham Safe

Clapham Labour have pledged to resist Tory plans to make cuts to vital emergency services after the elections in May. Just months after Labour forced them to abandon plans to close Clapham Fire Station, London Tories are seeking cuts to local police, fire and ambulance services.

Labour’s Linda Bray said: “Labour successfully fought to keep Clapham Fire Station open: now it looks like we’ll need to fight more cuts to our emergency services that would put the lives in Clapham at risk.”

The campaign to save Clapham Fire Station began after local councillors exposed the plan to close it. Local Tories were then forced into a humiliating U-turn after claims about fire engine response times were shown to be false.

Lambeth’s police force has lost a quarter of its officers since 2010 – the biggest cut in all of London – and police are now struggling to respond to increases in car crime and burglaries in the Clapham area.

Saving Clapham Fire Station


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Clapham residents are celebrating after Labour’s campaign to ‘Save Clapham Fire Station’ scored a major success with this week, with Mayor Boris Johnson forced to abandon his plan to close our local fire station.

Insiders at City Hall say that the massive outcry from local people was the deciding factor. Many thousands of Clapham residents signed the petition started by Labour councillors Christopher Wellbelove, Nigel Haselden, and Helen O’Malley, or took part in marches organised against the closure.

Clapham Labour Councillors were first to expose Tory Mayor Boris Johnsons plans to close Clapham Fire Station

Clapham Labour Councillors were first to expose Tory Mayor Boris Johnsons plans to close Clapham Fire Station


But Clapham’s Labour councillors have warned that the campaign cannot end now – because the new Tory plan will still see one of Clapham’s fire engines SCRAPPED, and hundreds of firefighters SACKED. Many other nearby fire stations may still close – leaving our station stretched to breaking point.

Labour’s Christopher Wellbelove said: “We first uncovered the Tory plan to cut our fire station last year, and started our campaign immediately. We delivered literally thousands of leaflets and posters. All the hard work has been worth it – we really have saved Clapham Fire Station. But the campaign isn’t over – the new plan will still put local people at risk, and we won’t stand by and let that happen. Labour councillors will never give up on Clapham.”

Discover more about our Save Clapham Fire Station on our Facebook campaign page.

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