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Labour’s team in Clapham are ‘extremely disappointed’ after their attempt to introduce an Early Morning Restriction Order was rejected by a cross-party committee at the Town Hall. The ‘EMRO’ would have limited the sale of alcohol by businesses near the junction of Wandsworth Road and North Street, which has been blighted by anti-social behavior.

The problem venues were granted late licenses when the Tories and Lib Dems ran the council before 2006, even though they are in residential areas. Despite having overwhelming support from the community, local councillors and Lambeth’s political leadership, the committee rejected its introduction, fearing that when the decision was challenged in court it would be rejected.

Cllr Christopher Wellbelove, who led the Labour team that worked with residents on the campaign, said “I am extremely disappointed by this decision and disagree with the committee entirely. Although we may have lost this battle, the campaign is not over. I’m determined to continue to call these venues to account for the disruption they cause to local people.”

“I’d like to thank everybody who has worked so hard on this, in particular the neighbours who came to all the meetings and wrote in to support the EMRO. I share their disappointment and I shall continue to challenge council officers to build the evidence for further action in the future if there is no improvement.”

During the hearing the venues finally admitted, after years of denial, that there is a problem. They pledged to work with their neighbours but Labour councillors commit to remaining vigilant to make sure the businesses keep to their promises.


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Labour pledges to Keep Clapham Safe

Clapham Labour have pledged to resist Tory plans to make cuts to vital emergency services after the elections in May. Just months after Labour forced them to abandon plans to close Clapham Fire Station, London Tories are seeking cuts to local police, fire and ambulance services.

Labour’s Linda Bray said: “Labour successfully fought to keep Clapham Fire Station open: now it looks like we’ll need to fight more cuts to our emergency services that would put the lives in Clapham at risk.”

The campaign to save Clapham Fire Station began after local councillors exposed the plan to close it. Local Tories were then forced into a humiliating U-turn after claims about fire engine response times were shown to be false.

Lambeth’s police force has lost a quarter of its officers since 2010 – the biggest cut in all of London – and police are now struggling to respond to increases in car crime and burglaries in the Clapham area.

Saving Clapham Fire Station

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There aren’t many things that are more downright annoying than a neighbour sending you up the wall with noise. To tackle this, back in November, Lambeth council expanded its  noise patrol service so that it now operates much longer hours than before.

As the Lambeth website outlines, excessive noise is defined as a disturbance that impacts on any resident’s quality of life. Specifically this can be:

  • loud music, TV or radio
  • persistent shouting, banging or other unreasonable domestic noise
  • parties or other entertainment
  • pubs, clubs and entertainment venues
  • building and DIY work at unreasonable times of the day
  • constant dog barking
  • car and burglar alarms.
  • If you’re being upset by any of these problems, then you can call the 9am to 5pm service on 020 7926 6111 or the rapid response service which is open at the below times:

  • Monday to Thursday evenings: 5pm to 3am
  • Friday evenings: 5pm to 5am
  • Saturday: 2pm to 5am
  • Sunday: 2pm to 3am
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    A group of squatters that were making the lives of local residents hell with late night parties and other anti-social behaviour have been evicted following action by local Labour councillors.

    Councillors Haselden and Wellbelove outside Rileys Snooker Club

    Councillors Haselden and Wellbelove outside Rileys Snooker Club

    Following the closure of Riley’s Snooker Club on Wandsworth Road local councillors received several complaints regarding the activites of  the squatters who had occupied the building.

     To ensure action was taken your local councillors

    • Wrote to the Police highlighting the issue and asking for them to take urgent action.
    • Wrote to Rileys demanding that they take action to secure the building.
    • Contacted Lambeth council calling on them to take action against the owner of the building.

    After extensive work by the council and local police the solicitors of the freeholder finally accepted their responsibility and they agreed to take the case to the High Court to proceed with eviction notice, the case was upheld and the squatters were succesfully evicted.

    This is excellent news for local people and now our attention needs to turn to the long term future of the building and stopping it turning into a large night club or something similar that could disturb local people.

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    If you have concerns regarding a local venue you can apply to the licensing authority for a review of a premises licence or a club premises certificate on a ground relating to one or more of the licensing objectives:

    • Preventing Crime & Disorder
    • Public Safety
    • Preventing Public Nuisance
    • Protecting Children from Harm

    An application for the review of a premises licence or club premises certificate must be given in writing and be in the prescribed form.

    Premises Review Application Form

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    The Temperance and Providence statue on Clapham Common has been covered in graffiti by vandals. The statue which was presented to the people of the borough by the Temperance and Providence Society of Clapham. Originally the statue was also a water fountain and is one of the most recognised statues in the area.

    Clapham councillors have reported the damage to the council and the police and are asking for urgent removal. Following earlier damage  to the bandstand and other buildings on Clapham Common clearing off this graffiti sadly diverts resources which could easily be put to better use.

    If you have any information regarding whom did this please contact Clapham Town safer neighbourhood team in confidence either by email ClaphamTown.snt@met.police.uk or call 020 8721 2825.

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    As councillors we often need to be at two places at the same time, and last night was no exception. Councillor Haselden and I were both keen to attend the Clapham Town Safer Neighbourhood panel where, included in the discussion, was the proposed dispersal zone which would cover from Queenstown Road to Silverthorne Road. The purpose of the zone would be to deal with problems with anti-social behaviour from youths on Queenstown Road. The zone would be introduced at the same time as a similar zone on the Wandsworth Road side and stop the problem simply being transfered to the Lambeth side. Along with the dispersal zone outreach work has been taken place to attempt to encourage these young people to engage in more positive activities.

    Additionally the issue of aggressive begging was discussed, with Sgt Nicola Duffy from the Clapham Town Safer Neighbourhood team assuring us that action is being taken to deal with the problem and that they are working with teams in Ferndale Ward and Clapham Common who all share responsibility for parts of the high street. If you have experienced agressive begging yourself you should contact Clapham Town Safer Neighbourhood team to give details as this will help the case against the worse offenders.

    We promptly moved on to the Clapham Community Project AGM at St Anne’s Hall in Venn Street.  The project has provided advice for people who live in Lambeth for over twenty years. They are funded by the council as part of the Lambeth Advice Network and are a member of Advice UK. The valuable advice they provide is free of charge, confidential and independent.

    They provide advice on consumer, employment and debt matters giving general information and advice to enable clients to take action themselves or by signposting them to the appropriate agencies. They also provide advice on welfare benefits and housing law.

    The project last year dealt with over 3,300 enquiries and provides invaluable support to people who otherwise would not know where to turn. The building is also used by a variety of community organisations and I was very interested in a letter of thanks which had been received from Kevin Spacey, artistic director from the Old Vic Theater, thanking them for their support for a education and community project which used their hall for rehersalls.

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