Labour’s team in Clapham are ‘extremely disappointed’ after their attempt to introduce an Early Morning Restriction Order was rejected by a cross-party committee at the Town Hall. The ‘EMRO’ would have limited the sale of alcohol by businesses near the junction of Wandsworth Road and North Street, which has been blighted by anti-social behavior.

The problem venues were granted late licenses when the Tories and Lib Dems ran the council before 2006, even though they are in residential areas. Despite having overwhelming support from the community, local councillors and Lambeth’s political leadership, the committee rejected its introduction, fearing that when the decision was challenged in court it would be rejected.

Cllr Christopher Wellbelove, who led the Labour team that worked with residents on the campaign, said “I am extremely disappointed by this decision and disagree with the committee entirely. Although we may have lost this battle, the campaign is not over. I’m determined to continue to call these venues to account for the disruption they cause to local people.”

“I’d like to thank everybody who has worked so hard on this, in particular the neighbours who came to all the meetings and wrote in to support the EMRO. I share their disappointment and I shall continue to challenge council officers to build the evidence for further action in the future if there is no improvement.”

During the hearing the venues finally admitted, after years of denial, that there is a problem. They pledged to work with their neighbours but Labour councillors commit to remaining vigilant to make sure the businesses keep to their promises.

Clapham Labour’s team have successfully argued that Clapham Pottery, an outstanding community asset, should be the first choice to buy the Old Chapel in Rectory Grove – a move that will save it from Tory cuts. The Pottery now has a secure home for its wonderful range of classes, enjoyed by all ages of Clapham residents.

Clapham Labour has a great record for saving local buildings for community use. The old library is now a community art centre, thanks to the hard work of local residents and Labour councillors’ firm backing.

The Tory way when they ran Clapham, was to sell off local community buildings, including the old fire station.

Nigel Haselden and Linda Bray

Consistent campaigning by Clapham Labour has delivered a host of new improvements to our local area.

Following years of inaction when the Tories and Lib Dems ran Lambeth,  Labour has successfully won millions of pounds from Transport for London which will result in a new town square in Clapham Old Town, adding to the previous development by Clapham Labour in Venn Street.

Councillor Haselden speaking about the development said ‘Despite Tory opposition to the project we have been able to drive through an ambitious project that will transform Clapham that everyone can enjoy.

‘Throughout the project we have worked hard to minimise the impact of the works on local people. However, I have been struck by the excitement of many in the area looking forward to its completion.’

By contrast when the Tories ran Clapham they failed to deliver any major projects and only used Clapham as a cash cow to use for projects elsewhere in Lambeth.

Clapham Labour has a fantastic record of driving investment into the area and that we will continue.

Nigel Haselden and Christopher Wellbelove



Labour pledges to Keep Clapham Safe

Clapham Labour have pledged to resist Tory plans to make cuts to vital emergency services after the elections in May. Just months after Labour forced them to abandon plans to close Clapham Fire Station, London Tories are seeking cuts to local police, fire and ambulance services.

Labour’s Linda Bray said: “Labour successfully fought to keep Clapham Fire Station open: now it looks like we’ll need to fight more cuts to our emergency services that would put the lives in Clapham at risk.”

The campaign to save Clapham Fire Station began after local councillors exposed the plan to close it. Local Tories were then forced into a humiliating U-turn after claims about fire engine response times were shown to be false.

Lambeth’s police force has lost a quarter of its officers since 2010 – the biggest cut in all of London – and police are now struggling to respond to increases in car crime and burglaries in the Clapham area.

Saving Clapham Fire Station

Victims of domestic abuse could be forced out of their homes due to the hated Bedroom Tax, according to recent reports in national newspapers.

Many Clapham residents have been hit by the Bedroom Tax – which offers no exemption for people with disabilities, or victims of domestic abuse who have escaped violent homes.

Labour has pledged to abolish the Bedroom Tax if they are voted into power.

You can read more about this at http://tinyurl.com/costoftories1

Domestic ViolencePhoto credit: http://www.mirror.co.uk

Clapham Tories have been accused of ‘trying to pull the wool over our eyes’ after their latest council tax lies were exposed.

Labour is freezing council tax AGAIN this year – the sixth year in a row there will have been no increase at all, saving the average household in Clapham over £400. And desperate local Tories are hoping local people have short memories – and have forgotten that when the Tories ran Lambeth with the Lib Dems between 2002 and 2006 they actually put council tax UP a whopping FORTY PER CENT.

Labour’s Linda Bray commented: “Clapham Tories must think local people are daft if they think they can get away with attacking Labour on council tax. We’ve frozen bills for SIX years now – saving local families hundreds of pounds.”

Lambeth Labour has frozen council tax

Labour in Clapham has a fantastic record for pulling investment into the area – despite the onslaught of Tory cuts.

Your Clapham Labour team is delighted to see residents enjoying resurfaced roads, new paving and greener and better-lit streets – the successful result of our campaign to improve your environment.
Clapham Old TownLabour is committed to attracting further funds for our High Street and stations to add to the record investment in our new library, leisure centre, Venn Street and Clapham Old Town transformation.



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